Wooden house style with stunning environment

Bernardes Jacobsen’s home, with an extraordinary ocean’s see. Picture by Leonardo Finotti.This is the perfect home in the center of a contemporary stage of stunning nature. Wood usually turns into a perfect complement for any home fashion. Beautiful and contemporary wood home designed by optimizing the regular ambiance and stunning regular landscape enhance environmental see.The whole concept of the undertaking was produced when Thiago was going to the web site. There, in front of the consumer, he sketched what later would be the transverse region of what was becoming proposed: a holiday home, for a few and their two children. A location exactly exactly where they could invite buddies over often.Designed to be a pavilion supported by only 5 pillars, with en-suites bedrooms, residing space(s)/sitting space(s)/dining space(s), balconies and a pool dealing with the stunning sight of Guarujá beach. Preserved terrain and vegetation. Dealing with the street, a decreased and discrete horizontal façade.The sea is the primary focus of the building’s best see, but this did not adhere to the best sun orientation. Ready to get benefit of the fantastic see, the choice to location the pool away from the building was taken, getting then the home east dealing with and the hillside throwing a shadow over the pool.Due to the terrain’s inclination, a structural deck 18m over the floor was used as a basis to the improvement of a new area. Also, this deck had to be supported by only 5 tree-shaped concrete pillars simply because of the difficulties discovered on producing the structural basis. Over this deck the whole construction is metallic, which makes the building procedure easier, since it’s all created in loco.Accomplishing this type of a undertaking was very gratifying for the architects. A large, planned home witch disappears in the forest. A fantastic home nearly unnoticed among the trees.Because the home is detached from the floor, it capabilities as a large tree shading the smaller sized ones, retaining the regular procedure of the forest and preserving it.This platform is made up of the whole social area of the home and a fantastic exterior deck with the swimming pool lane in its extremity. The trees exactly exactly where planted in this degree, giving a sensation of the home becoming in the canopy of the trees.Apparently the home is restricted to the two floors over this deck, but truly, most of the technique is positioned beneath it.The home is accessed from the second floor, exactly exactly where there are two en-suites bedrooms and also the entry hall. In the bottom floor we have the housekeeper’s home, kitchen, services-area, steam bath, fitness center and four bedrooms.The whole home was structured on steel and the doorways and windows were created of wood and glass. The floor surface is coated of wood, giving the sensation of softness, and also producing the deck appear like floating. In the locations exactly exactly where their are not any eaves, the walls are coated with copper and because of to the rain publicity, the material will alter naturally, producing it appear even a great deal much more stunning.






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